Haunted History Tour of Downtown Sanford

Historical Tour

Our Historical Tour meets at Sanford Homebrew Shop on select nights to walk out into beautiful Downtown Sanford to tell stories and more!

This IS a walking tour that lasts over one hour, so please plan accordingly.


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What We Offer

We are NOT Ghost hunting!  We are here to walk you through Downtown Sanford, tell you cool stories and share your stories of ghostly encounters. It IS a walking tour that lasts over one hour, so plan accordingly please.

Tickets are in Limited Quantity!

About Sanford Ghost Tours

Sanford Ghost Tours started in 2011 when Gary Holmes realized that the stories of Sanford told to him by citizens of Sanford were engaging and fun.  Looking around the downtown area of Sanford, he quickly learned all he could about the hauntings in the surrounding buildings.  He held his first few Ghost Tours and they were a hit!  Then, in 2012, he opened Sanford Homebrew Shop in Magnolia Square and focused on that.  A few years later and Gary has the time to do Ghost Tours again, and he has a shop in Downtown Sanford to host it from!  Make sure you visit both the Facebook page and the ticket

 page for tickets!

Sanford Ghost Tours